“what is one thing you could love to do right now?”

Either stop feeling like shit (because it’s not fun as a vampire, lemme tell you)

or stop fighting with Trick.

“I agree. How are you feeling?”

Really gross.

“aw, thanks! and he thought the hurling thing was funny too, ahaha!”

Word play is the best.

“well I'll do it for as long as you guys need me to. Andy's really sweet when he isn't hurling. heh... hurling.”

You’re awesome! 

(ooooo I see what you did there omfg)

“We're having another chat right now at the same Chatzy link if you wanna join... *hopeful face*”

Sorry lily, maybe next time. Trick’s sending Joe and me out on recon to get out of the HQ.

“What is the longest crush/relationship you have had?”


“dear god you weren't kidding when you said andy was throwing up a lot! holding back his hair all night was some crazy shit.”

Told you man, Trick’s had to deal with that shit for almost a week now.

“Do you watch Patrick work the room?”

I used too.

I’d still in a corner and just watch. I’d listen to everything, his breathing, the scratch of him writing on paper and his heart beat.

Don’t do that so much any more since we’ve started fighting so much.

Hey everyone

It’s the new owner speaking. ‘ello everybody :D

So there are a LOT of questions that’ve been left, and I’m most likely not going to answer most of them beacuse they don’t make any sense now (they’re reallllly old/related to holidays).

Um, I’ll be starting up next week, but no promises, school’s been hectic recently. I may draw some asks, but I’m a terrible artist, really, nothing like Makenna (the orginal owner o3o ), so don’t expect amazing magical art from me.

That’s it I guess? If you want any stuff cleared up just shoot me an ask asking for me and not Pete :3

- M

PSA: this blog is changing hands.

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